Fort Ouiatenon VR

Position: Level Designer, Scripter

Platform: PC – HTC VIVE

This project was created to accurately represent Colonial Fort Ouiatenon as it stood in the 18th century. It was created by 4 students as a senior Capstone project at Purdue University in collaboration with the Tippecanoe County Historical Association (TCHA). This application was developed for use as an exhibit at the TCHA Museum in West Lafayette, Indiana.

This project was created using Unreal Engine 4 with the goal of being an immersive recreation of Fort Ouiatenon, since it was destroyed in the late 1700’s. This application allows users to fully explore the fort and surrounding environment, including the native Ouia villages. Users can also cross the geographically accurate Wabash River to journey to the larger Ouia village on the other side. 

I was responsible for all of the engine-side work, as well as all of the scripting involved. The level itself is about 1 km^2. Given that I was working with such a large scale, I chose to use proceduralism to  model the terrain, as well as populate the map with foliage, rocks, and other props. I created the terrain in SideFX Houdini using data from Google Earth and visual references to accurately recreate the environment surrounding the fort. I textured the terrain using Unreal’s painting tool, as well as a landscape material I created using photo sources. I then placed the foliage, rocks, and tree stumps using procedural foliage volumes.



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THUNDER: Throne Wars

Studio: IMU Studios

Position: Level Designer

Platform: PC

THUNDER is a team vs. team multiplayer, high-fantasy, first-person sci-fi shooter where players aim high-tech devices. These highly proficient tools get multiple jobs done, from increasing your movement abilities to taking down your enemies. The goal of THUNDER is to capture thrones, so that your team can build and conquer kingdoms.

I have been working as the Level Designer at IMU Studios on this game. In my role as Level Designer on this project, I designed, created, and sculpted the large outdoor terrain of THUNDER. I am also responsible for asset composition, including placing game-ready models, props, and effects throughout the game. I also created the rivers and waterfalls in the level using a spline-based tool. I used the same tool to create the lava flows. I also created a custom animated lava material to apply to the lava flows and moats.

A large part of my role as Level Designer of THUNDER includes scripting game and level events. Using Unreal Engine’s Blueprint scripting system, I scripted all of the gameplay shown in the video to the right. This includes the Throne Capture objective, environment & castle interaction, level pickups, shrine healing, etc. I scripted these events so that they properly replicate throughout a networked multiplayer game. To see more videos and examples of my scripting work, check out my scripting page here.

Note: All work on THUNDER: Throne Wars™ is shown here with proper permissions from IMU Studios.



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Vampire Farming Simulator 2017

Roles: Game & Level Designer, Environment Art Support

Platform: PC

Vampire Farming Simulator 2017 is a 3D adventure/puzzle game, where you play as a vampire rancher who farms humans. The humans have escaped from their pen and using the vampire power of hypnosis, it’s up to you to catch them and bring them back before sunrise!

I worked in a team consisting of myself and three other Purdue students to develop this game. We used Unreal Engine 4. Vampire Farming Simulator 2017 features a large outdoor level with several different types of AI characters to capture. Certain AI have requirements to be captured, while others offer the player a power up.

The goal of this project was to broaden our skills and bring forth a unique game concept. In my role as a designer, I helped conceptualize the player and AI character abilities, as well as the level layout and environment design. I was also responsible for asset composition after the level block-out was completed.

Developing this game put my skills to the test when I took the assignment of scripting the AI behavior. I scripted the main follow and hypnotize mechanic for the AI. I also scripted the “Runner” AI who sprints away from the player character faster than the player can catch up. There are areas of thick mud which slow down the “Runner” AI so that the player can catch and hypnotize him.



Level Design & Development: Conceptualized level layout and design. Sculpted the terrain using the in-editor landscape tools. Created the terrain material and painted it on the landscape. Replaced placeholder assets with the actual assets in-level as they were ready. Modeled supporting environment pieces as needed. Set up a lighting system to properly light the level.

Scripting: Scripted the base AI character behavior. Scripted the player “hypnotize” mechanic that makes the AI follow you around the map. Set up the base “Runner” AI behavior that makes the “Runner” character sprint away from the player character. Set up script to play each of the proper character animations.

Tools Used: Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fuse.

Click here to download and play! Unzip the packaged game folder and double-click VampireFarmingSim2017.exe to play.






Roles: Designer, 2D Artist

Platform: PC

Azala is a 2D platformer about a man named Finn who takes a journey into the deep underground city of Azala, where he must fight through whatever he encounters to uncover the truth about what really happened there.

This game was created in Fall 2016 by myself along with three other Purdue students using Unreal Engine 4. It features three challenging platformer levels as well as a final boss fight level.

In my role as a designer and artist during the development of this game, I wanted to create an experience that would challenge players while still leading them through a unique and original environment.

During the development of this game, I created the background art seen in each of the levels. I also created and animated the enemy characters using vector graphics and flipbook animations so that they could be scaled anywhere in the game without quality loss. I helped script the enemy mechanics in this game as well.


Level Design & Building: Sketched and designed concepts. Blocked out prototype levels. Created background art and helped with asset composition as art was added.

Scripting: Set up enemy patrol patterns and attacks. Scripted enemy flipbook animations within Unreal.

Tools Used: Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Photoshop, & Illustrator.

Click Here to download and play! Just unzip the packaged project and double-click Azala.exe to launch the game. You can also click here to view and download Azala on



Phil Berges is a video game designer and computer artist.

I love making games. I’m a video game designer, developer, and 3D artist. I love using my skills as a designer and developer to help bring new projects to life and to give players the experience they deserve. Most recently, I’ve worked with IMU Studios to help bring to life their newest project, “Thunder: Throne Wars.”

I was born in Houston, TX in 1995. As a young boy, I always loved video games and knew I wanted to create them. Games have always been a huge part of my life. Now, I’m a recent graduate from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology with a strong love for the video game industry.